The firm is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, tools and resources for providing effective and timely solutions to engineering challenges/problems. These include:


  • SACS, STaadDPro, Autodesk Robot Millennium, Risa3D, and SCALE; for the analysis and design of various engineering structures.
  • AutoCAD and StrucPlus; for modelling, structural, landscape, and mechanical/electrical drafting/detailing etc.
  • CircuitCAD; for electrical design.
  • AutoCAD Land Development (ALD), and CogoPC; for the design of road alignments, cross sections, super elevations etc.
  • ArcviewGIS; for capturing, analysing and presenting geospatial information, Erdas Imaging for remote sensing and image processing.
  • Trimble GPS
  • HP Design jet Plotter AO size paper
  • A0 size paper digitising tablet
  • Several computer systems
  • Customised spreadsheet programs developed in-house to enhance performance and productivity.


NIDC Ltd keeps the following minimum equipment level for its construction unit; however, for other necessary equipments that may be required for any specialised job, we have a leasing arrangement with a number of organisations, namely Sintax Limited, and AQL Engineering Ltd that have all the relevant equipments for immediate release on demand to NIDC Ltd.

  • 2No Bull Dozers,  D7 ad D8
  • 2No Graders,  12K and 14K
  • 1No Pay loader
  • 2No Dynapac compacter rollers
  • 2No Water Tankers 20 & 30 thousand litres
  • 1No chippings Spreader
  • 1No Asphalt Paver
  • 3No Trailer Tippers
  • 6No Concrete Mixers
  • 3No Fokker Vibrators